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This leaderboard will automatically update when a player beats any of the high scores below. You can also see statistics
for those on the leaderboard, analyze their strategies and game history, and use them to improve you own game.
Good luck!

Game Mode
Time Played

Talent Used
Average Blocks per Second
Average Sums per Minute
Max Speed

Number of ADDATHON's
Bonus Figures Used
Rows Cleared with Figures
Bonus Figure Points (Total)
Highest cleared Sum
Most blocks used to clear a Sum
Most points acquired by clearing a Sum
Total of all Selected Numbers
Total of all Cleared Sums
Sums cleared with only Add (+)
(Good - 1.0x points)
(Great - 1.5x points)
(Awesome - 2.0x points)
(Excellent - 5.0x points)
(Brilliant - 10 x points)
(Sum: )
(Sum: )
(Used only nr:)
(Sum: )
(Sum: )
Sums cleared with Add, Multi, Add (+ x +)
Sums cleared with Add, Multi (+ x)
Sums cleared with max 2 blocks and Multi (x)
Sum and Figure cleared at the same time
Highest Sum cleared by using same numbers
Number of Blocks Destroyed
Fastest cleared Sum (sec)
Slowest cleared Sum (sec)
Most used Power
Total number of Rows Added

Total number of points acquired from Rows
Largest single bonus acquired from adding Rows
Most blocks cleared when using a Power
Max. points acquired when using a Power
Game Paused
Coins Collected
Experience Acquired